How to set the monitoring point


In the general monitoring system, we combine the existing monitoring points according to the characteristics of the key areas, and propose the planning ideas of “encirclement, supplement, connection and cooperation” according to actual combat requirements:

Wai: Wang Wensheng is to surround the policy area and form a closed circle. The first is to control all the intersections entering and leaving the city, the second is to control all entrances and exits in the main city, and the third is to control the entrances and exits of some jurisdictions, to ensure that the primary entrances and exits are 100% useful to cover up, and to reach any people, cars, things and other policies that can get a clear impression; All incoming and outgoing parts can reach useful cover.

Even: Control all the main points, the main points, and the entrances and exits around the main points. In accordance with the distribution of the surrounding cameras, the main roads in the city are connected into a line, forming a circle, forming a plurality of closed loops, which ensures that the mobile policy can be repeatedly captured.

Supplement: Complementary points for all kinds of closed loops: It is necessary to ensure that the clearing cover can be reached when passing through the closed loops of each layer, and the closed loops that are stacked and interspersed with each other in each jurisdiction can be reasonably planned to prevent repeated construction and leakage.

In the closed circle, the first point is to reset the monitoring points of the classified key units, key points, and key points in the closed circle of the police station, especially in the high-incidence areas such as the case, and select the camera type according to the actual situation to make up the point.

Combine: Integrate social resources and give full play to the auxiliary effects of social resources in public security prevention and control. In particular, the video resources of the main points of the closed units should be fully utilized, which constitutes a powerful complement to the closing circles of each layer.

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