Security camera digital system repair


First, let’s first look at the LAN port indicator on the AC machine is not bright.
There are usually three conditions:
(1) Shines and shines, clarifying that the signal is normal.
(2) Just shine, don’t shine, and illuminate the camera. First turn off the camera for a while, just restart it (most of them are the case)
(3) Do not light up First look at the crystal head RJ45 is outstanding (the AC and the camera must be seen), the camera power supply is normal (12v or 24v). Measure whether the network cable is broken.

Second, see if the host is working properly. Enter the system to see if you can find the ip address of the channel without a picture (that is, the camera address). If not, check if there are any problems with the AC and camera.

Third, restart the webcam, AC and host. Just acknowledging that it is not hardware is bad, most of the restarts can be handled.

Fourth, if you use fiber-optic transmission, it is necessary to look at whether the fiber-optic transceivers at both ends are working properly.

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