What problems do security cameras need to pay attention to?


1. The camera does not match the lens imaging scale
The lens imaging scale is larger than the camera chip scale and can be imaged normally, but the field of view of the lens will be smaller than the nominal angle of view; but if the lens imaging scale is smaller than the camera chip scale, the vibrating angle will appear around the monitor image.

2. The camera and lens interface do not match
The mismatch of the interface affects the interval between the second set of points of the lens and the camera chip. The practice focal length is not the focal length of the lens, which makes it impossible to gather. The standard gun camera interface and lens interface should be the same as the C interface or CS interface; it is necessary to add the adapter ring to the C interface lens device to the CS interface camera; the CS interface lens cannot be installed on the C interface camera. The common gun camera interface is generally planned as a CS interface, which can be connected to a CS interface lens or an adapter ring to a C interface lens.

3. Camera and lens aperture drive method may not match the voltage
Active aperture lenses are generally divided into DC drive and video drive. The operating voltages of the two are not exactly the same. This mismatch will cause the lens aperture to fail to open normally, and it will not be able to image naturally.

4. Connection problem, wrong connection or loose interface
There will be various connections between the surveillance camera and the lens and the display (if there are more devices connected to the pan/tilt and controller), if these connections are connected incorrectly or loosely, the system will not work properly. Please read the operating instructions of the equipment carefully before calling us.

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