How to install security surveillance camera


Security surveillance camera device orientation selection skills
The orientation of the security surveillance camera unit should be selected to mask the orientation of the surveillance policy, and the orientation should be relatively strong. Together, there is a certain requirement for the height of the device. If the indoor policy is monitored, the height of the device should be selected between 2.5-4 meters. If the outdoor policy is monitored, the height of the device should be 3.5-10 meters. between. In addition, the orientation of the device should avoid the strong electric environment. If it is impossible to avoid the device, the security surveillance camera should be insulated from the ground to prevent interference.

When the security surveillance camera device is wired, pay attention to the length of the cable that is stored for a margin of about 1 meter to prevent the camera from rolling. Together, you should choose a cable with better quality to prevent line problems and affect audio transmission. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the wiring before the security surveillance camera can be fully connected.
Pay attention to the surrounding infrared environment when monitoring the camera device
Nowadays, many security surveillance cameras are infrared cameras, so it is necessary to pay attention to the infrared environment around the device orientation to prevent objects with infrared light, such as all black objects, open spaces, and water, and to ensure the operation target of the infrared lamps. In addition, pay attention to the nighttime infrared debugging work.

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