What should I do if the monitor transmission line fails?

Ring Security Cameras

Maintenance skills   1 For some lines with poor shielding performance, the most vulnerable part is the transmission line. Interference is almost an inevitable problem, and the resulting problem of excessive resistance can also plague the user’s imaging quality.   2 For normal lines, the impedance is generally maintained at 75Ω, which is a relatively …

Security camera installation point of attention

Ring Security Cameras

1.Under the premise of the target range, the installation height: the installation height of the indoor camera is 2.5~4m, and the outdoor is 3.5~10m; the elevator car is installed at the top of the elevator, diagonally opposite the elevator manipulator And the optical axis of the camera is at an angle of 45 degrees to …

What should I do if the security camera has a “half-side paste”?

Ring Security Cameras

The security camera has half of the picture clearly defined, half is vague, what should I do if it is called “half-side paste”? The cause of the problem: The sensor is not completely level when it leaves the factory, resulting in a difference in front and rear distance. Only a few millimeters of distance difference …

Security camera appears normal day problem solving

Ring Security Cameras

What should I do if the security camera is normal in the daytime, and the whole night becomes ambiguous? The cause of the problem: the focal length and the azimuth of the camera have not changed, but the white daylight is small, the depth of field is large, the aperture is large at night, and …

How to set the monitoring point

Ring Security Cameras

In the general monitoring system, we combine the existing monitoring points according to the characteristics of the key areas, and propose the planning ideas of “encirclement, supplement, connection and cooperation” according to actual combat requirements: Wai: Wang Wensheng is to surround the policy area and form a closed circle. The first is to control all …

Security camera digital system repair

Ring Security Cameras

First, let’s first look at the LAN port indicator on the AC machine is not bright. There are usually three conditions: (1) Shines and shines, clarifying that the signal is normal. (2) Just shine, don’t shine, and illuminate the camera. First turn off the camera for a while, just restart it (most of them are …

What problems do security cameras need to pay attention to?

Ring Security Cameras

1. The camera does not match the lens imaging scale The lens imaging scale is larger than the camera chip scale and can be imaged normally, but the field of view of the lens will be smaller than the nominal angle of view; but if the lens imaging scale is smaller than the camera chip …

How to install security surveillance camera

Ring Security Cameras

Security surveillance camera device orientation selection skills The orientation of the security surveillance camera unit should be selected to mask the orientation of the surveillance policy, and the orientation should be relatively strong. Together, there is a certain requirement for the height of the device. If the indoor policy is monitored, the height of the …

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