Depth camera


The three main technical methods of the depth camera and the representative companies are monocular structured light, which represents the company’s acquisition of the largest structural optical technology company PrimeSense Microsoft Kinect 1 Intel RealSense GoogleProjectTango, etc., which is currently used by other startups. Technical route. The second is binocular visible light, representing the company LeapMotion. The third is the flight time method TOF, which represents the company Microsoft Kinect 2.

In China, the monocular structured light supplier has Obisoft Technology Huajie Amy Software, the binocular structure light scheme has the technology, and the TOF program has the music technology. In addition, two listed companies have also started internal research and development projects.

However, Xu Wei said that the 3D sensor technology of the map is more like the combination of monocular structured light and binocular visible light, which can achieve higher image quality, wider application scenarios and more clean intellectual property.

?In the case of poor lighting, traditional single-way structured light can be very problematic and cannot be identified or disabled. And our products are more reliable, which has an advantage in industrial applications. Because many specific industries have very high reliability requirements for products, some competing products can not cooperate with each other in the case of multiple devices, and we can work together under multiple equipment conditions. Xu Wei said.

At the earliest, some Israeli startups conducted research and development of in-depth cameras, and now these companies are almost all acquired by technology giants. For example, Apple acquired PrineSense, a company that is a pioneer in the use of in-depth cameras. After the acquisition, it will no longer be available for external supply. Microsoft used the PrineSense technology to make the Kinect generation, and Kinect 2 uses internal development technology to consolidate the ecology. Google does not become a supplier of products or technologies, but rather promotes application development. Similarly, Intel pushes the Realsense solution to work with the X86 chip. It can be said that the giant’s depth camera has its own form. Xu Wei believes that this status quo leaves a larger market space for in-depth camera innovation companies, especially in industrial applications.

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