Surveillance camera in different environments


The high-speed ball is an intelligent camera front end, the full name is called high-speed intelligent ball camera, or integrated high-speed ball smart ball, or simply fast ball, referred to as high-speed ball. The high-speed ball has fast up, down, left and right rotation, auto focus, fixed-point cruise tracking, zoom lens zoom, high-pixel electronic zoom, etc. It is the most complicated and comprehensive performance of the surveillance system, but the price of the high-speed ball is very high, generally in the monitoring system. The medium effect is to supplement the monitoring of the fixed-point surveillance camera to achieve no dead angle in the entire monitoring range. In which monitoring scenarios, what kind of monitoring scene is needed to supplement the monitoring range of the surveillance camera?

One gate entrance
The entrance and exit generally have a gate system. The surveillance camera is used to monitor the vehicle and the vehicle license plate. The high-speed dome monitoring entrance and exit panorama is a common linkage method between the fixed-point surveillance camera and the high-speed ball. Through the back-end control of the high-speed ball cruise zoom and other functions to complete the monitoring of the entrance and exit panorama.

Second main channel
The main channels such as the factory are generally long. The fixed-point surveillance camera will inevitably have a monitoring dead angle, or the monitoring picture will be unclear because the distance is too far. The high-speed dome zoom can see the face image and details 100 meters away.

Three public halls
Public hall personnel have greater mobility. Simply using fixed-point surveillance cameras requires a large number of units to achieve full-angle monitoring without dead angles. If combined with high-speed balls, the number of fixed-point surveillance cameras can be reduced and the perfect monitoring effect can be achieved.

Four school playground
The playground area of ??the school is large, and it is impossible to achieve all-round monitoring by using the fixed-point surveillance camera. It can realize the wide-angle no-angle monitoring through the functions of zooming and cruise of the high-speed ball.

Five factory workshop
There are many workshops in the plant area, and there are many monitoring dead angles due to the obstruction of equipment. In this complicated environment, the fixed-point surveillance camera can not achieve all-round monitoring of the overall environment, and may have to pass the high-speed ball cruise to solve the real-time of the entire workshop. monitor.

Six township streets
The traditional township security monitoring layout host is based on fixed-point surveillance cameras. In areas where vehicles and pedestrians are densely populated, such as market intersections, it is only necessary to secure a high-speed ball to monitor all directions in multiple directions.

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