The role of security cameras in home monitoring


The first barrier to security is to monitor the camera, but now the thief has become very smart, and seeing a camera will go around. Therefore, how to disguise the camera well is a problem that manufacturers need to study.
Kuna is not just a smart doorbell. It starts with an outdoor doorlight, but it just has a built-in camera and several sensors. You may not notice the difference when it passes by, and this is very different from most smart doorbells or security systems currently on the market.

Under the fashionable appearance, Kuna also has a lot of high-tech functions. Its built-in motion sensor detects if someone is approaching your door, and the ambient light sensor automatically turns on the light after the sun sets. The speaker microphone assembly makes the kuna an internal call system. Of course, as a smart device, it can also be connected to your home wi fi for users to control with the matching mobile app.

When someone walks into your doorstep, kuna will automatically send reminders to your phone. Click on this notification and you will be able to see the doorway through the camera. If it is a courier, you can use the call system to let him put the parcel at the door. And if it’s advertising sales or other weirdos, you can let them go far, or turn on the alarm and watch them flee.

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