Somatosensory camera is important in the future


The most well-known consumer application of the depth camera is the somatosensory camera, such as the Kinect of the Microsoft XBOX game console. Microsoft’s HOLOLENSE also uses a large number of depth cameras. The hottest areas of depth cameras are robots, autonomous driving, AR VR, smart security, smart home, consumer entertainment, etc. They have a huge demand for depth cameras.

For example, when VR is equipped with gesture recognition and motion recognition, more capture is done with vision, and AR has a greater need for depth cameras because it needs to perceive the environment and blend with the real environment. Lenovo TANGO mobile phone uses AR camera to do AR application. It is reported that it has been shipped in small batches and is mainly used in the industry.

In the future, you can use the depth camera to generate content directly, without additional processing or computer generated. This fully solves the shortcomings that currently lack high-quality VR content, and will bring about a surge in VR content directly shot by the public.

In the field of intelligent security, it is useful to analyze human behavior through smart cameras. It is very useful in the financial industry, but the algorithm requirements are very high. So far, there are no very good products.

In addition, the use of visual navigation in the current hot areas includes robotic drones and other mobile scenes, which is just a consumer need. Xu Wei believes that robots now use Lidar for visual navigation, which is expensive and lacks information. Because it is only scanned on the surface, the information obtained is not complete and the navigation effect is limited. The depth camera is used for visual navigation and is generally considered to be the development direction of the industry. According to reports, there are already some robot companies with certain technology research and development capabilities to start visual navigation with the 3D sensor.

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