Vulnerabilities in smart cameras


Smart cameras are like eyes. This eye has been applied to many fields such as family public services. Once the loopholes are exploited, the images recorded by the eyes in the past will be stolen and can be used to observe privacy and public environment, which may cause major security risks. .

According to the report, among the vulnerabilities in smart cameras, remote weak password vulnerabilities accounted for 91.7%. The remote service is standard on the intelligent network connection device. For example, if you want to use the remote service to log in to the device remotely, you need to log in to the device with a valid account. The system often presets the remote weak password. If the user does not modify it, it is easy to be cracked by the hacker. Then the device control authority is lost.

The report shows that one in five cameras has vulnerabilities, including remote weak password vulnerabilities, preset backdoor vulnerabilities, and sensitive information disclosure vulnerabilities.

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