How to install the surveillance camera


The dome camera is one of our more common surveillance cameras. It is named for its semi-circular shape and is widely used in indoor places. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, small size and easy installation. The dome camera can be easily divided into ordinary dome cameras, low-illumination dome cameras, and infrared dome cameras. These products are selected according to the monitoring environment and monitoring purposes. This aspect will not be discussed in detail. Today, we mainly introduce some attention points of the installation and debugging of the hemisphere camera in the construction of the wiring, so that the monitoring effect of the dome camera is more ideal.

The first point of wiring requirements.
Here are the requirements for cable selection and power supply. Let’s first talk about the cable requirements. The choice of cable must be based on the distance from the dome camera to the monitoring center. Because the signal will be lost during transmission, the farther the signal is attenuated, the blur will be caused. Not clear. It should not exceed 150 meters like a coaxial cable. If it exceeds it, it will affect the monitoring effect. Regarding camera power supply, we mainly need to consider the loss of voltage in transmission, so as to avoid instability of monitoring caused by voltage instability. The last thing to say is that you don’t want to put the signal wires and wires in the line pipe, because doing so will cause signal interference.
The second point is the installation method.
Hemisphere cameras are generally mounted with a ceiling, and here we should pay attention to the installation environment. For example, in order to avoid signal interference, to avoid the environment of strong electricity or strong magnetic field, most of the dome cameras are not waterproof, so it is necessary to check whether there is water leakage at the installation site to prevent the camera from getting wet.

The material of the ceiling and the weight of the load should also be considered. When installing, it is best to add thin wood or hardboard paper on the top of the ceiling to fix the base screw of the hemisphere camera, strengthen it firmly, avoid the camera falling off due to long time, and it is convenient. Future maintenance.

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