What features does the video surveillance system have?


In the security field, each video surveillance system has a complete data acquisition, transmission, storage management analysis and application chain. In this long chain, placing the AI from the back-end equipment to the front-end camera will be an important future direction for the security industry. For example, in the transportation field, a camera with an AI chip can quickly analyze the captured video data of the illegal vehicle and transmit it to the back-end management platform, and send the violation information to the owner terminal to solve the problem of illicit information push violation.
However, there are still two insurmountable mountains in the front of the AI chip. One is energy consumption. In order to make the whole analysis process smooth, the performance of the AI chip must meet the requirements, and the overall hardware and software consumption can not be too high; the second is the cost. If you add a custom AI chip to the camera, the price will be greatly improved. If the gain is not covered, it will not be recognized by the market.
It can be seen that the energy consumption and cost issues are testing the practical wisdom of the entire security industry.

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