Introduction to the role of IR Cut


IR CUT, also known as dual filter switcher, is used for filtering between the camera lens and the sensor chip. It is a dual filter, an infrared cut filter and a full transparent filter. It can be composed of an electromagnetic motor. This small part is included in the HD camera product. Motor type IR CUT
The role of IR CUT When the camera ambient light is sufficient, switch to the infrared cut filter, the image color is very good, when the ambient light is very dark, the infrared light is turned on, switch to the full transparent filter, the image is black and white clear image .
The current status of IR CUT filters, such as IR CUT filters and optics, has a great relationship with image quality. A good IR CUT can vividly restore image color and black and white images. IR CUT appears in China for three years. Left and right, the filter is further improved.

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